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The North Sea’s Bounty: Fishing up a Storm

We went fishing today! Hilde’s father set the nets yesterday, and after a breakfast of tea, cottage cheese and strawberries, and bread and brown cheese (brunost),  we set out to pull them in. I’m the wimpiest Alaskan alive, and Hilde saw me well outfitted. I was wearing stretch pants, wool long underwear, a tank top,… Continue reading The North Sea’s Bounty: Fishing up a Storm

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Møkstrafjorden Seaweed and Bekkjarvik Gjestiveri

On our evening walk, we came to a little cove in the fjord around the island called Møkstrafjorden. It was absolutely gorgeous, and so I rushed down to the water where I saw a wide array of beautiful seaweed. I was squealing like a little kid. I counted over five varieties. Hilde had no idea… Continue reading Møkstrafjorden Seaweed and Bekkjarvik Gjestiveri