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Ragnar’s Norwegian Fishcakes: Ragnars Fiskekaker

Here’s a recipe for tasty Norwegian fishcakes. These are a specialty of my friend’s father, Ragnar. He makes the forcemeat, and Hilde’s mom Vivi fries them off. I gave Vivi a break, and was fry cook for the day.

In this recipe they are fried in butter, but the mousseline forcemeat is very versatile, and I formed one into a little quenelle, and poached it. The healthier option turned out a treat! In the french tradition, a mix like this would likely have cream, but the different flours allow for a think and creamy texture without the addition of much fat.


The texture is very similar to that of a frankfurter hotdog. I know that sounds a bit weird, but it’s lovely. I’m actually tempted to poach some in a sausage shape and fry them off, to be served as a pescatarian hotdog option in a bun with the fixings. Actually, my friend Hilde eats the cakes with ketchup, and the pairing works really well!




250g whitefish, such as cod
2,5 dl milk (1 cup)
1 heap tablespoon all purpose flour
1 heap tablespoon potato flour
approx. 1,5 tsp salt
black pepper to taste
nutmeg to taste
butter to fry

Grind it in a food processor, and fry on a medium heat until golden and cooked through!


Don’t forget to say ‘thanks for the food’ the Norwegian way! Takk for maten!


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