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Let’s raise a glass to Norway and World of Beer. Skål!

With a homebrewed cyser. Not beer, but still delicious. A boozy apple treat!

My last night in Norway was a blustery one to say the least. The windows of Hilde’s sister’s house in Os were pelted with torrential rains, and the wind howled, as I packed my little carry on and purse for my next adventure. I always get a bit anxious when I’m about to shove off again, and Hilde’s Norway is always hard to part with.

Once more story before I go. My friend in Anchorage saw a posting from World of Beer (check out their site), a company as serious about travel and tasty beverages as I am. They were looking for a few lucky people to be Drink It Interns. To travel, drink, and write, and my friends encouraged me to apply. Turns out, that the town of Grimstad has a marvelous local brewery called Nøgne Ø. Hilde and her friend Randi were excited at the prospect of my getting the gig.


“I’m going to do something tomorrow that I’ve never done in my life,” exclaimed Randi, “I’m going to buy a beer!” So the next day, Randi and Hilde brought me a small selection of brews, as the brewery was closed to visitors until summer. I had the privlage of testing two tasty tipples.

Wild Horizon is a wheat beer with apricot, aged in oak, and made with wild yeast. It is 7.5% alcohol, and 25 IBUs. When it was poured, the color was a hazy golden color, and the off-white head disappeared rather quickly. It smelled a bit metallic and yeasty, with hints of apricot citrus. It was lightly sweet, and the apricot and vanilla notes came through. There was a bit of a barnyard flavor, and a slight sour tang. Everything was pretty well balanced, and I found it very drinkable, both with and without food.

Cellarman’s Reserve is an Imperial Stout aged in cognac barrels. It is 8% and 25 IBUs. It pours thick and almost black, with a short-lived tan head. It has a strong smell of slightly sour coffee and chocolate. It is rich and slightly sweet tasting, and the coffee and chocolate continue to come through, along with some nuttiness and boozy qualities. I split a bottle, and that proved to be perfect, as it was a very filling brew.

I made a short little video as my introduction and audition as a Drink It Intern to the World of Beer folks. It was supposed to be a minute, and after looking down a little way through my first take, I realized I’d already been speaking for 2.5 minutes. I’m not so good at brevity; I had to do a second take.

I love the idea of getting paid to do what I’m already attempting. I think that I could really kick some beer blogging and social media ass. Thank’s to Randi and Hilde for their help, and here’s hoping I land the position!

So, that’s my one last story before leaving Norway. I’m off to see what adventures England holds in store.

Here’s to lookin’ at you, Norway. I look forward to drinking with you again. Skål!



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