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Sea Scallops and Samphire in Beurre Noisette over Risotto alla Milanese


This dish was both delicious and colorful! Not to mention pretty quick and easy.

I began with the risotto. 1 cup for two people. I think 1/3 cup per person would be better. I cooked it with leek, white wine, and vegetable broth that was infused with saffron. I finished it with a tablespoon of butter and, gasp, about a quarter cup of grated parmesan. I know that seafood and cheese aren’t normally paired, but it wasn’t cheesy, it just rounded out the flavour, so it worked.
I blanched the samphire before adding it to the scallops. The butter was first browned in a skillet. I poured out most of it, and cooked the scallops in what remained, they were salted lightly and I added some pepper and nutmeg. I served 4 per person, but three is really enough. When they were done I added the samphire and beurre noisette. I plated it and then dinner happened. It was really good!
Try it. If you work better with specific amounts let me know. I’d be happy to make a more formal recipe.

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