Pies & Tarts

Old Fashioned Green Tomato Pie

Just because something is weird, does not mean that it won’t be delicious. Green tomato pie certainly falls under that umbrella. Green tomatoes are crisp and slightly tart, much like an apple. This pie closely resembles a Granny Smith apple pie in flavor and texture. The differences are welcome though, and with its speckling of sultanas, and dash of cinnamon and ginger it is heavenly.

I got this recipe from my staple cookbook Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts. You must be getting sick of hearing that is is a fabulous book. Well it is.

I made this pie in a small dish which is 1/3 that of a standard pie. It is excellent for two people. We cut it into 6 pieces and eat it over a few days. It fills my need for pie without having to allocate 99% of my daily caloric intake to dessert. 🙂

Next time you come  across some green tomatoes, please, make this pie!

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