Poultry · Soup and Stew

Poultry Stock

Poultry Stock is one of those things that I’m always needing when I cook. There are many good organic low-sodium stocks you can buy, but nothing quite tastes the same as making your own. Don’t be overwhelmed, it is actually quite easy. This is a good staple to have around the house at all times.

Feel free to fiddle with this recipe until you have found one you like. You can use turkey, chicken, or any other type of poultry you want to. I usually decide to make stock when I buy a bird to roast. I tend to use the neck that whole birds come with. You may also use the carcass after you’ve roasted your bird, but I think the raw neck has more flavor. For this recipe, I will be using a turkey neck.

You can use clean vegetable and mea trimmings and water from steaming and boiling vegetables as well. Just use common sense. If you don’t want your soup to taste like cabbage or broccoli water, don’t put it in. If you don’t want it day-glow pink, don’t use beetroot water. Let yourself be creative!


1 turkey neck rinsed well in cold water
1 whole large sweet onion, washed and halved (skins and all)
1 extra onion skin, washed (this will add that caramel color to your stock)
1 or 2 large carrots, washed well
1 or 2 stalks of celery and all of the leaves, washed (they have the best flavor)
Whole sprigs of thyme (about a centimeter in diameter if you held them tightly)
3 bay leaves
8 whole black peppercorns
5 leaves of sage
3 or 4 whole garlic cloves in skin

1. Put everything in a large stock pot. Add about two gallons of water and slowly simmer until it is as strong as you would like it.

2. Strain everything out of your stock and skim any fat off of the top. The goal is to have a clear stock. You can continue to condense it after this if you would like.

3. Stock can be kept in the refrigerator and used in the next few days, or you can freeze it and as long as it is airtight it will keep quite long.

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